Reveal deeper insight using data

from your existing infrastructure

Power Consumption Optimization

The optimization of a building's power consumption includes: predictive forecasting, pattern & anomaly identification, and equipment health/maintenance.

Our automated intelligent platform ingests data from multiple sensors, monitoring systems and historical environment patterns. Leveraging physics and statistical models, a learning agent minimizes the environmental impact and cost while maintaining tenant comfort. The system can directly control the HVAC and lighting system providing a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Rail Maintenance

Our AI solutions for Canadian Pacific Rail captures data from multiple sources including IoT sensors to predict and prevent unexpected downtime, equipment failures and accidents.

We create a network of real-time statistical models of interacting systems responsible for rail operation. Using this system, users can actively identify anomalies in the operation of critical systems preventing costly down times and potential catastrophic failures.

Video Analytics Search Engine


VASE is an AI-powered proprietary video search engine platform that uses machine learning to identify and verify objects and individuals within video footage. Precise timestamps and clips containing objects of interest are indexed allowing for extremely quick retrieval.

This system is designed to be used for downstream application such as security review or video editing. 

Methane Leak Detection


Specialized camera sensors including, LiDAR, and IR spectroscopy, mounted on a UAV are designed to detect gaseous methane leaks. Using computer vision techniques, our system automatically identifies methane leaks and estimates flow rate in streaming data from the UAV.

Data Analytics

Financial Platform


Finance specific proprietary machine learning algorithms ingests raw market inputs (stock signals, press releases, social media sentiment, public accounting reports etc.), transforms them into indicators relevant to predictions and provides a smart automated decision making system.

We use Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) to enable users to follow and understand each step in the decision making process. A learning agent is continually evaluated and re-deployed to adapt to changing market environments providing a smart decision making system.



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